Company Overview

As a team member you will be part of a unique concept that offers a great menu, energetic environment and is focused on guest service. With up to 100 locations in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland, we are looking to continue expanding over the next couple years so there is plenty of room for advancement. We are a local franchise group that lives in the area and is very much involved in Sonic Drive-In. We are dedicated to utilizing Sonic growth to provide personal and professional growth opportunities for the people of Sonic. The pride, dedication, professionalism and expertise of Sonic employees are valuable resources, which we will continue to support and reward.

Career Path

Whether you aspire to be one of our iconic Carhops or a General Manager, our drive-in locations are the customer-pleasing front lines of career opportunity. It’s where we directly fulfill the Cheeseburger and Chocolate Shake needs of America. And that’s a deliciously rewarding feeling.

It’s fast. And it’s fun. If that’s the way you roll, then let’s go. We’re ready to feed that passionate drive of yours with a world of training, benefits and development opportunities. Buckle up – let’s take a road trip to a fun, challenging and rewarding long-term career.

Company Culture

Where is it written that Fun and Work can’t be one and the same? Not in our playbook, that’s for sure. At SONIC®, we encourage and attract Bright, Social Team Members with a Great Image. Bold, unique personalities whose passion for what they do shows in the food, the experience and the culture of America’s most-loved restaurant brand.

Our Mission Statement

Growth and Development of all our Employees in order to consistently exceed our Customer expectations in the area of Quality Food that Tastes Good and Fast, Friendly Service

We are pioneers of the atypical and are always seeking out kindred spirits unafraid to embrace their career potential in a shameless bear hug – yes, we are talking about you.

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